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Pet access

Our pets are part of the family and like to come and go as much as we do!
Your new security doors can be further customised to ensure your pet continues to enjoy their freedom.
The pet access door is installed into the corner of your door and has a hinging flap for your dog or cat to enter or exit through the door. 

Pet access doors are available in 2 sizes -

  • Small size opening 240mm high x 190mm wide
  • Large size opening 400mm high x 260mm wide
and come in 2 colours
  • Black
  • White
  • Magnetic closer
  • UV stabilized

Paw-resistent fibreglass mesh

Applied to security or screen doors, paw-proof mesh is much stronger than standard flyscreen mesh and withstands heavier use. 
If your pet has a tendancy to use their paws on your present door, this will most likely continue when your new screen door or security door is installed.
The paw-resistent fibreglass mesh is ideal for reducing damage to your screen and is still easy to view through to the outside world.

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