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Insect Screens

Insect screens and screen doors create a barrier against unwanted insect intruders such as flies, mosquitos, spiders, rodents, beatles and moths.
When your home is protected from un-healthy invasion of flies and mosquitos, you can breathe easy knowing your family is safe. 
Flies seem to come from miles as soon as you consider cooking, and your food preparation area needs to be protected against germs and disease for a healthy family.
Mosquitos carry dangerous tropical diseases.  As the climate gets warmer, we are experiencing threats from diseases such as Ross River Fever which is spread by the mosquito. 
Your custom-made screen for doors or screen for windows is manufactured from aluminium extrusion surrounds to match the size of your opening in your door or window.  Insect mesh is attached to this aluminium frame to create a total barrier over the opening.
Flyscreen mesh is available in the standard weight or a heavier duty insect mesh which is resistent to pet damage.
Aluminium extrusion is available in a large range of anodised or powder-coated colours to match your home.

Guard your home or work environment against

  • flies
  • mosquitos
  • spiders
  • rodents
  • beatles
  • moths


  • Custom made to your needs
  • Powder coated or anodised materials
  • Heavy duty screen frame
  • Hinging or sliding
  • Fibreglass fly mesh
  • Heavy duty corner stakes


  • Paw proof mesh
  • Self closer

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